Empress Tree

(Paulownia tomentosa) Deciduous tree. Coarse, hairy leaves are heart shaped , varying in size from 5" to10 " long and often as wide . Leaves occur in pairs and appear after fragrant, pale violet flowers open in late spring . The flowers are 2-3 " long. The fruits are 1" to 2" long, ovoid, and pointed. These fruits remain on the tree through the winter along with the large buds of the next season's, supplying easy identification features. The branches are thick, stiff and rather open in habit, becoming round topped. The size of the flowers and their growth in large clusters make this one of the showiest trees in spring, and the large leaves are notable additions to summer foliage. Was introduced into this country from China, and has established itself in our flora. 50 feet maximum height.

American history and Virginia history and tourism: Sherwood Forest Plantation, near Williamsburg, Va., the home of President John Tyler.